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TT small Welcome to Transformation Thursday! It’s the one day of the week we all get together to celebrate getting stuff done. No matter if you’ve been coming around for months (or years), or this is your very first transformation rodeo – everyone is welcome to link up your projects at the bottom of this post.

IMG_2340 A couple of weeks ago, when we were up in Minnesota, we stumbled upon a local thrift shop. Although the prices were a little high, I did find a few affordable pieces, including this desk – a steal for $6. Yep – six buckaroos! A steal, huh?

IMG_2225We had a little technical difficulty. On the way home we were in the middle of no where and it started pouring down rain. We stopped at a gas station, but they didn’t have any tarps, so we bought a box of garbage bags & some duct tape, and taped it all together to protect it. So now our $6 desk was a $12 desk – but still a good deal, right?

IMG_2343 There was really only one downside to the desk, it had a laminate top… but I had a plan for it.

IMG_2345 First I sanded down the top, to give it grip. Then I painted it Paris Grey. Yeah, I didn’t show that step, but I’m guessing y’all are about sick of me painting everything Paris Grey… sorry, I’ve still got over 3/4 of a quart left (I told you it goes a long, long way!)

IMG_2347 After the base was all painted, sanded & waxed, then I started on the top. I used Mod Podge & lots of sheets of hymnal music to cover up all that laminate. After it was dry, then I put 4 coats of poly on top to keep everything all in place & protected.

IMG_2356 The combination of the grey & sheet music top made a huge difference. I kept the same hardware, since it was in great shape and I really liked leaving a little bit of it as a nod to where she started.

IMG_2351 Now she’s ready to take the trip up to the new booth – yay!

By the way – if you are a local reader, we’re having an open house on Saturday, October 1st. I’ll be at the shop from 10 a.m. until noon – so I hope you’ll stop by if you’re in the area. Peacock Lane is located just across the street from the famous 3 French Hens & The Roost. If you need more info, just email me and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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Welllllllll…………. Let’er rip, tater chip!

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  1. Hmm because of insomnia I could actually link up really early here. But the linky is not there :-(

  2. Gina that desk is amazing! Thanx for hosting and have a fabulous evening!

  3. Hi Gina, Thanks for hosting. Love the sheet music desk!

  4. Very cool desk. Thanks so much for hosting the party!

  5. I was just looking through your idea files … Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  6. Thanks for hosting. The sheet music was a great idea to hide the laminate. It looks great. I like the makeshift tarp too.

  7. SHUT UP! That desk is so awesome! And, I can’t get enough of the gray, so keep it comin’!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at

  8. I love the desk transformation! Thanks for hosting the party!

  9. Ok I spoke to soon, as soon as I renewed the page the linky was there.
    My bad. But heck I am glad I got to be on top of the list for a change.
    Thanks for hosting Gina!

  10. Cute desk! Love the Paris Gray and the music set it off!!

  11. i did the same project last winter, however, YOURS is so much better! i wish i had power tools.

  12. Great job on the desk, it looks amazing, just linked up, thanks for the party!!

  13. What a great desk! I love it!

  14. It looks great, Gina! I have Chateau Grey that I’ll be using soon ;).

  15. Gina- I just love it! You did a great job and the sheet music makes a wonderful top! xo Diana

  16. The desk looks great and love the hardware! Thanks for hosting.

  17. What a great deal on that desk! $6! Thanks for hosting the party again this week!

  18. I love your desk!! Thank you for hosting us!!!

  19. I use sheet music for all kinds of projects too – your desk is gorgeous! Thanks for hosting a great party!!

  20. Awesome and unique desk treatment! Very cool.

    Thanks for hosting :)

  21. Thank you for hosting. Love that desk. It is beautiful! Hope you are having a fabulous week!

  22. Love the desk and the story of duct tape and garbage bags…the things we do to preserve our finds!!!

  23. wow…how talented are YOU!! great job. i love it and for 6 bucks…not too bad

  24. Great desk. I love the grey paint :) Love it. And the song papers is a great idea for the top!
    thank you once again for the linky party. So many great ideas!

  25. I love how you did the top of the desk. Really nice …

  26. Gina, What a deal on that desk! I love what you did to it. Thanks for hosting!

  27. Oh my gosh, Gina! It’s wonderful. Ya know we all say “i have to try that” and maybe 5 times out of 10 do we actually do it. THIS I must try. It’s gorgeous and my hubby is a musician!

  28. Ah, the power of paint! What would we do without it?

    Thanks for hosting, Gina!

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  29. I loooove your desk! That’s exactly what I’m looking for, for my PC and such. Unfortunately I never find such beautiful furniture here (well, I do, but only new ones, for over 100 Euro’s or so :()

  30. Love your desk update!

  31. Love how your desk turned out… thanks for hosting!

  32. LOVE the desk! Thank you for hosting!!

  33. I like sheet music on anything desk included looks great


  34. Thanks so much for hosting! That desk is SO COOL!

  35. Thanks for hosting Gina! The desk looks beautiful! I am so excited about everything you are “unlocking” in the month to come. You will find your mojo again for sure and if not, I think I have a bottle laying around somewhere.

  36. Love what you did with the $6 desk! I love Paris Grey too! Thanks for hosting!

  37. Hello Gina,
    I’m new to your party, and I’m already hooked!:)
    Hope you’ll like my coffee filter roses tutorial.
    Thanks for hosting, your desk is lovely!

  38. Gina, I can’t wait to get my paws on a desk that sits in my mother’s closet. Wow, what a great transformation! Thanks for hosting such an amazing party! You have some amazing party goers here.


  39. thanks for hosting, gina. so loving that desk, great re-do! 😉
    kelli & kristi

  40. Thanks for hosting! This desk is absolutely gorgeous what a great makeover!

  41. Love the desk – along w/everything you do. I have to say, though…HOLY COW, BATMAN! 530 entries? Now this is a link party. LOL!

  42. Gina I love the desk!! The top is inspired, truly brilliant!!Sending big hugs and sincere wishes for a weekend filled with joy, Katherine

  43. Thanks for hosting a great link party! Love the music sheet desk! It looks amazing :)

  44. The desk turned out beautifully! Thanks for hosting, too!

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