Shabby sheet music desk

This sheet music desk was super easy to do – and it was almost just as easy to sell! I was shocked that it sold from my booth (in my booth selling days) in under an hour after I put it in. Crazy, huh? Afterwards I had a few people ask how I did the sheet music desk, so I thought I’d show you how.

This $6 thrift store desk was turned into a beautiful sheet music desk!

Once upon a time, when we were up in Minnesota, we stumbled upon a local thrift shop. Although the prices were a little high, I did find a few affordable pieces, including this desk – a steal for $6. Yep – six buckaroos! A steal, huh?

This desk was revamped into a gorgeous sheet music desk.

There was really only one downside to the desk, it had a laminate top – but that’s where the sheet music comes in.

Now let’s get to business and make a sheet music desk.

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Lovely desk upcycle - she turned an old desk into a gorgeous sheet music desk.

First remove the hardware. Next sand down the top, to give it grip. Finish up the base by painting it with Gray Chalk Paint.

What a cool idea - use mod podge to make a sheet music desk!

After the base is painted, sanded & waxed, then start on the top. Using Mod Podge & lots of sheets of hymnal music to cover up all that laminate. When it is dry, cover it all with 4 coats of MinWax poly acrylic on top to keep everything all in place & protected. Using polyacrylic means that it won’t yellow as easily as polyurethane.

She turned an old desk into a gorgeous sheet music desk with just some paint, paper & mod podge

Once everything is completely dry, replace all the hardware. I kept the original because I like the nod it gives to the desk’s former look.

You could use any color, but the combination of gray & the sheet music is neutral. That makes perfect for any shabby style home (or even a farmhouse style home!)

Gorgeous upcycle idea - she turned a thrift store find into a pretty sheet music desk!

And that’s how to turn a $6 thrift store score into the sheet music desk.

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Great thrift store upcycle - a sheet music desk!


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