Sign painting 101: Lettering tips and tricks

Creating a hand painted sign can be a great way to add character to almost any space. From words to initials and …. well…. the sky is really the limit. With just a little paint and know how, you can turn scrap wood into a piece of art with very little work.

How to paint signs


tips and tricks on how to paint a sign
First things first, I always use an outline. I do it by tracing the outside edges of the letters through carbon paper onto the wood. As you can see, mine is NEVER perfect – I straighten it all up with the paint.
tips and tricks on how to paint a sign For fine fonts like this one above – I used a Liner #1 so that I can get into the corners.
tutorial on how to paint a sign I dip my brush into my paint straight up and straight back out. In my mind it keeps the bristles in the right place (‘course it might just be me…)
directions on how to paint a signM’kay… lemme see if I can explain without going in circles. If there is a sharp angle, like the top one (with the blue arrows), I swipe my brush from the corner in, then from the corner up, and from the corner across. Then I use my brush like a magic marker and swoop around the loop.

On the bottom part, I go from the corners in on each side, connect the corners with another swipe, then swoop around the edges. The swiping in from the corners helps to keep them crisp.

sign painting tips  I use straight strokes to do the straight lines, one beside the next to fill it in and barely overlap the carbon paper lines.
how to paint a custom sign Don’t be afraid to turn the sign to whatever angle you need to get those swoops in the right direction. I always think it’s easier to stroke towards me, almost like writing.

tips and tricks for how to paint your own sign No matter if I’m doing big, chunky fonts or thin precise ones, these tricks always help me keep the corners clean and lines crisp. I hope some of these ideas helps you, too 🙂

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