Simple Solutions: Organizing Everyday Stuff

Organization – even the sound of it makes me cringe a little. See, by nature, I’m not a neat person – however I do find that I’m more calm and happy when things are put away.  I’m not a fan of plastic bins & boxes, and you won’t find labels on anything here. I want things to be neat, but I also want them to be pretty, which is why I always strive to find stylish solutions to put away every day stuff.

Take that cabinet. It’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture in my house – I love the simple, beautiful lines. By looking at it, you’d never know that it holds almost all of our every day living room entertainment items.

The Wii gets played nearly every day, but since it can come out and be ready to go in about 2 minutes, we can play until we’ve danced ourselves silly, then put it all away in a snap.

When we’re not dancing, we’re snuggle up on the couch types, so blankets are a must have item around here. They’re easy to get out and put away when it’s just 2 steps from where you sit.

Besides drawer space, I find that my other favorite trick is to use the space on doors. Almost every door in my house has a hanging rack of some sort on the back, like this one in my closet to store my beloved scarves. Best $5 at Marshall’s I’ve ever spent!

Speaking of door organizers, today I’m sharing how to make a custom one over on Graphics Fairy DIY, so stop by and see how to make your own version – which is much prettier than the oddly printed store bought ones, don’t ya think?

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  1. That’s a great use of the little dresser, Gina! I really like some of your over-the-door organizers.

  2. i just love those ‘over the door ‘hangers.So good for ‘stuff’ Like you I am not a ‘label on everything’ kinda person.but I do like things tidy! Cheers 🙂 Jo

  3. Great ideas, love the custom door organizer, well done!

  4. Love the dresser and the colour. I just made a scarf organizer that I hope to share soon and your over door one is another great solution. We have a $10 wood dresser in our living room (no TV) that I use to store all my candles, extra table linens and pillow covers, and a drawer to keep my latest crochet or knit project close at hand but away from our wool-loving dog.

  5. I like things neat and find if I have enough storage space, it is soooo much easier to keep tidy. The harder it is to put away, the less likely!!! Your over the door storage is a great idea and BIG space saver! I liked you idea to find vintage images for what you will be storing in the pockets, functional and pretty…it doesn’t get any better in my book! Thanks Gina!

  6. I love the colour of the dresser. You’ve done a great job of training your family to put away the wii, I might have to send my boys to you for some training 🙂

  7. So timely. I was just thinking I need to see how other people are organizing. I’m really organizationally challenged so I appreciate quick tip.

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