Simply Awesome Stocking Stuffer: tween & teen girls

Teen girls are my absolute favorite folks to buy for, but that may be because I have two of them myself. There’s so many fun things out there to fill up their stockings with, but here are my favorite stocking stuffers for this season.

 Pick a scarf, any scarf. Well, maybe not any scarf, but if it’s a cute one, then I can pretty much promise you that your tween/teen girl will love it. Bright colors are my favorites, and the more the merrier. This pom pom fringe scarf looks like a million bucks, but will only set you back about $12. Of course, I’m kinda partial to the aqua-ish blue version, but it also comes in basic black, pale pink, and even a pretty yellow. The fringe makes it a little more special than your garden variety scarf. I don’t know any girl that would turn one of these down. It may just become the most beloved piece in their accessories arsenal. Don’t think this one is just for the girls, though. I can totally see giving them to my sister, and yep, even my mom. Shhh… don’t tell her though, m’kay?

 Mmmmm…. coconut! Most girly-girl teens love good bath & body products – and this Coconut Body Scrub from The Body Shop is some seriously amazing stuff. Not only does it feel so good to use, since it’s organic you can feel good about letting them use it, too! This one is kinda cool, since you can set up a subscription for it to arrive in the time frame that you choose. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Even though they’re a little older, my girls still love to color, especially with some great colored pencils. This beautiful assortment comes complete in a tin for storage. The color is very true on this set by Fantasia, and they are so smooth. Definitely a great set to add in if you’re looking to increase their artistic flair.

 Crackle isn’t just for shabby style furniture anymore – it’s moved into the nail polish world. It works just like it’s DIY counterpart, where you paint over a solid base coat and then it magically crackles. It’s pretty trendy right now – and teen girls love all things trendy. With several colors to choose from, just make sure that she has some contrasting regular nail polish (for the base coat). You’ll be the best Santa in town with some of this magic stuff in her stocking.

 Girls LOVE jewelry. That’s kind of a no-brainer, huh? How about some cute rings? This set of six trendy flower rings has enough colors to match almost any outfit. At only $6 and would be perfect for stockings (or maybe for her friends?)

 Wouldn’t it be awesome to find a gift that was A) eco-friendly, B) good for them, and C) trendy? If water bottles can be cool, this one might just be the queen bee. I love the quirky shape of it, along with the handwritten-ish font. Since it’s made of glass you don’t have to worry about any of those plastic toxins, either. I don’t know if it will actually get them to drink more water or not, but it’s a great way to add something that’s good for them and the planet at the same time. Definitely a win/win. Bonus: It will even save you a little moolah, too!

 Wreck This Journal is a super fun “book” created by Keri Smith. I say created, because it’s not a traditional book that you read, but one where you take action and literally, page by page, prompt by prompt, wreck the book. With fun stuff like “jump up and down on this page,” “poke holes through this page” and “paint coffee here” – teens LOVE all the silly stuff you get to do to destroy the book, which is a fun twist on art journaling. They’ll have fun working through the book, while channeling their inner Jackson Pollock. The “duct tape” edition is another in the long line of her titles, each more fun than the last.

One minute they’re rocking out to Justin Bieber, and the very next he’s the sign of being an outcast. Aaaahhh… those fickle teenage years. No matter who they pledge their listening allegiance to these days, listening to them louder is always a good idea. I have one of these little “amplifiers,”  a silicone cone shape that makes the speaker louder. they’re lightweight, cheap as chips at under $4, and come in a ton of cool colors.

I don’t think a girl can ever have too many sunglasses. Normally you’d think to get them in the summer, but they need to look “cool” in the winter, too! Any time of year, you can share the 80’s chic vibe with some dark shades in bright frames.

If you’re looking for something handmade, you can always stop by my shop! Bigger girls love my dahlia flower pins to add a pop of color onto almost anything from hats, to jackets, to handbags – maybe even the outside of her stocking? I currently have them in stock in several colors and would love to help you stuff those stockings this holiday season 🙂

Looking for more ideas? Andrea at The Cottage Market is sharing some DIY stocking stuffers for tween & teen girls, while Lisa at The Pennington Point has come up with some that you can do for free!

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  1. Hi! I love all of your ideas! Anything to make a teenage girl smile is worth it in my book! Glad to be back reading my favorite blogs? xxoo

  2. Great ideas! That little iphone speaker is awesome! That definitely goes to the top of my list. Thanks! Lisa~

  3. Do you have a link for the amplifiers? It’s so cute!

  4. Thanks so much for the great ideas. Some of us need a little help staying ‘cool’ or is it ‘hot’? I’ll be taking your advice for Christmas presents this year.

  5. Those are some really cute ideas! Perfect ideas- xoDiana

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