Small Space Studio: The Reveal

shabby creek studio storage ideas Running a creative business requires space to create. I didn’t really have a place of my own until a couple of months ago, and after weeks of showing little bits here and there of what I was doing, it’s finally time to share the big reveal. Welcome to my studio space!

Since Lala moved out, I’ve been slowly bringing in all the bits of things scattered around my house in cabinets, chests & closets into my new studio space one box at a time. Suffering from ADD means that I can’t handle too much at once {unless you want to see a big, ugly breakdown – and I still had some small, not so pretty ones.}
small studio space for work room My goal was simple: Make everything have a place. I got rid of a LOT of stuff, about 20 huge garbage bags in all. I have no idea how so much accumulated!

craft studio storage idea Bit by bit, piece by piece, it was all put away. No more spending hours upon hours searching for one little thing.

craft room storage I mainly used what I already had, like the Ikea carts, but did end up buying a few things to fill in the gaps, like these vintage wood crates. I picked them up at a local shop for $12 each – it was my biggest splurge for the whole room. I sit them on top of the Ikea carts and they fit perfectly. It wasn’t a brilliant moment, it was “sit these here to get them out of the way.” Then…. “OH! That works!” I tend to have a lot of those.

small space storage ideas for stamps Besides the wood crates, I also bought these little yardstick crates from Hobby Lobby {on sale for $2 each.} They hold all my stamps, inks, and small bottles of paint.

craft room storage ideas Storage was my biggest issue, so I brought in a metal rack that we had in another room and filled it up with every day things. Fabric, machines, etc. It makes it easy to get to what I need every single day.

bucket of ribbon storage idea I even found a place to use my sweet little aqua bucket that I smuggled back from Lisa’s in Texas. I had no idea how I’d use it, but it was the perfect color and I love having bits from friends here, it just ups my happy factor.

small space fabric storage I did need more fabric storage, though, so the remainder went into totes that slide under my work table easily. Culling out a HUGE portion of my beloved fabric stash was really hard, but so worth it to get it down to only what I needed or truly loved. I’ve given away so much fabric in the last 3 months that it’s crazy – but it was also crazy to keep all that stuff that I had no use for.

small studio work space organizing ideas Although I made my own artwork a few weeks ago, they all found new homes. That’s the fun part of creating things! So I spoke to one of my sponsors, Lori, and sent me a beautiful new print from her Etsy Shop.

Lori A McKee print It still needs a frame, but I love it soooo much! It’s the perfect touch to a sewing studio, don’t ya think? {P.S. – Lori is offering my readers 20% off their order through August 15th by using coupon code SHABBYCREEK – woohoo!}

shabby creek studio
And so, that’s my studio! I’m so excited that it’s all done and it makes working so much easier when everything is at your fingertips. Even in a teeny, tiny 130 sq ft. working space, I have big dreams.

Space Essentials:
Table, red cabinet – hand made by Mr. SCC
Metal drawer carts – Ikea
Tall Metal Shelf – Bed, Bath & Beyond (from forever ago)
Yardstick crates – Hobby Lobby
Large Wood Crates – local vintage shop

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  1. Oooh, what a fabulous makeover reveal! I love seeing other crafters’ work space. And your is beautiful!!!

  2. I love your new space. More so, you will love your new space. You did a fabulous job. Happy creating!

  3. Lookin’ Good 😉

  4. woohoo! 🙂 a space all your own.
    happy for ya gina!

  5. I love it, Gina!! I also love that your biggest splurge was $12. That is doable! Your space looks fantastic, and I love the print. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m in the process of setting up a dedicated craft room, to rein in all the clutter, so this is perfect timing! ~ Maureen

  7. Wow! It looks so pretty and organized! Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to accumulate SO much stuff? Great job!

  8. Oh-It looks so nice, Gina. I really like it and you have done a good job organizing it, too. That is on my Fall agenda-to get my craft area set up- xo Diana

  9. This almost inspires me to get a move on my own craft space. Almost…. for now it inspires me to be envious!


  10. I have 120 sq.ft. and your space looks so much more roomier than mine! Very nice!


  11. “It ups my happy factor”…..I LOVE THAT!!! My craft room is still in the mess stage, but I’m definitely going for the “happy factor”. Your room looks great. And thanks for the smile.

  12. Oh I am so happy for you, it will be your happy room and it looks fabulous!


  13. Your studio is fabulous! Love how you’ve organized everything!

  14. Very good use of all your space! Fabulous job!

  15. Having a dedicated space to work is wonderful and yours looks great. I keep reading about the great buys from Hobby Lobby, but I don’t know if there are any in California. Enjoy creating!

  16. You did a great job! My scrapbook room is my happy place, and I hope your craft room is the same for you! Here’s mine if you want to take a look.

  17. Gina, It looks fabulous! I know you’ll probably do some more tweaking as time goes on, but that’s the fun of it, right? Enjoy your new space!

  18. Good for you, this room is beautiful, bright and happy. Am I the only one who doesn’t have a Hobby Lobby, cause I am SOOOOOO jealous of those yardstick crates!! Really nice space, hope you have many happy creative hours in it!

  19. I think it looks great, Gina! I’m sure you will spend me happy & productive hours in your creative space!


  20. 3 words my friend… FAB U LOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hugs…

  21. lovely space

  22. The next time you find yardstick crates for $2 a Hobby Lobby….you are required to text a friend and see how many she needs. 🙂

  23. My craft area is incorporated into my potting bench. I love what you have done here!!! I really need a separate working craft section and you have given me inspiration!
    Thank you
    Debbie 🙂

  24. Gina, I love that window treatment. Is it strips of fabric or ribbon?? Soooo feminine. And, you used a limb for a rod…… Gina.
    Everything looks great and sooo neatly organized. I really need to do this in my work room/studio.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

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