Summer Tour of Homes 2013: Day One

It’s finally time for the Summer Tour of Homes 2013! There are so many houses ready to share that it’s going to knock your socks off. Today’s tour includes an amazing batch of bloggers plus yours truly. I’m excited to share my home with y’all. It’s been a while since I did a home tour, and I’ve actually finished three more spaces since the last one back in December. So, without further ado, let’s get to the Summer Tour of Homes 2013, starting with my home.

I don’t think I’ve ever shared so much of my home at one time. We’re nearing the end of all of the major construction projects in our home, and I’ve gotta tell you it feels great! Let’s start in the living room.  Every major piece in here was either built, slip-covered, or found through bargain hunting.

Our sofa was an adventure that was similar to a fairy tale. The chairs were a Goodwill find that I slip-covered with Ikea curtains.  And the ottoman? Well that’s made from a coffee table. Then there are pieces that we built, like the DIY mantle, as well as cladding all of the walls in ply-bead for the cottage feel.

The other side of my living room showcases more of my DIY obsession with things like my striped curtains, Steve Jobs quote art, ladder entryway and love letter lamp. Going through all of these photos kind of makes me realize that I might need to find a 12-step program for my DIY addiction.

Yes, even my newest mantle display showcases a DIY lifeguard sign. It’s a sickness, I tell ya.

Just for fun, I thought I’d share “my side” of the couch. I’ve enjoyed way more hours of NCIS in that seat than I could ever add up.

Every little nook of this room makes me smile from the moment I walk in the door.

My beloved green cabinet holds so much of our every day stuff that it’s insane. Come on over some day and we’ll Just Dance on the Wii, m’kay?

My quick change artwork on clipboards seems to get everyone’s attention. Funny how those are just some prints from The Graphics Fairy!

And now let’s take a peek at the kitchen. It’s really small, but we love it. The cabinets were my first big building project – I’m really proud that I built them myself!

We also built the island and the range hood, too. The island is covered with my favorite {and easy} shabby paint treatment.  And then there’s our farmhouse floors, which I get emails about nearly every day. I’m doing a new post on them soon, because we just finished our master bedroom floors over the weekend with the same treatment.

On the other end of the kitchen is where we eat. It’s a simple space, but it serves our needs really well. The big, red barn door was a freebie from a friend {I love that thing!}

Off to one end of the kitchen is my laundry room, which features more of those farmhouse floors as well as additional hand built cabinets. Yes, that is a metal garbage can that holds our laundry. Luckily it holds a lot, since I’m a laundry slacker.

The space also has a metal wall that melts my heart. I {big silver heart} it. It was a cheap solution to cover the wall in a budget crunch time, we got all of the metal for $20 from our local hardware store – since it was ordered and never paid for by someone else.

Off to the other end of the kitchen is our tiny farmhouse inspired hallway. It’s only about 4 steps from start to finish, but I added in a lot of style with a basic black and white scheme.
Off of this little hall are three rooms plus a small closet. It also holds all our games and a ton of our books (although we have an embarrassing amount scattered throughout our home.)
Behind the private sign is Bre’s room. This is another room that’s full of our DIY adventures, including the bed we built, curtains I made, the grid wall and the curtains.
I also painted a dresser for this space, as well as sewing up a floor pouf.
Beside Bre’s room is the half bath, another labor of love. We built the vanity from scrap wood and used leftovers from other projects for most of the building in this space.
I also created a little metal sign makeover art work, which is a reference to Bre’s favorite book series. It’s a tiny space, about 24 square feet, but it works 😉
Across the hall from the bathroom is my home office. I spend hours and hours in here each day, and it’s one of my favorite places to be. The bold black and white scheme is calm yet inspiring all at the same time. There are even more projects on display in here, including the gold leaf word art and the faceted bud vases.
The book lamp, custom memo board and ottoman made from a cable spool were also made for the office. I love all the vintage character they add!
It’s the perfect space to sit and write for hours, or work away on projects on the great big table that my husband built.
Speaking of things he built, both of these cabinets were built for this room. They hold all of my supplies and tools that I use to create all the things you see here on the blog.
And that’s it for my house! Don’t worry, though – there’s plenty left to see. Scoot on over to the rest of the houses on the Summer Tour of Homes 2013  today:
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 Pop in to see The Handmade Home.
Then be sure to check out The Hunted Interior to get a dose of bold!
Don’t forget, the tour continues tomorrow with another batch of beautiful homes, then on Friday it’s YOUR turn to link up and show off your gorgeous homes on the Summer Tour of Homes 2013.
One lucky person will win a Summer Spruce Up tool package from! It’s the perfect way to jump start all your summer DIY projects. Be sure to stop by on Friday to learn how to win.

About Gina Luker

Gina Luker is a writer, photographer and lover of all things quirky. She's usually found with a drill in one hand and a cocktail in the other while blogging along the way. She's addicted to coffee, polka dots, rock stars, Instagram, and everything aqua.


  1. Your home looks beautiful and I do hope you never cure from your DIY addiction 🙂
    ♥ Marianne

  2. In love with your home, and you! Serious awesomess!!!!!!!! Thank you for the tour!

  3. You have such a fun home. Love it!

  4. you have done an amazing job…blessings to you!

  5. wow- Gina- I forgot just how much work you have done over time. Amazing-Love your use of color and the way you put things together. It is a real HOME-not just a house. Thanks for sharing so much of it with us! Hope you have a wonderful week- xo Diana

  6. Great tour. Your home is fun and casual yet so well put together.

  7. I love your house. It’s so pretty. Great color choices. The aqua accents just pop. 🙂

  8. Just lovely Gina! So many personal DIY stuff that really make it YOURS. Something I feel is so important 🙂 Thank you for sharing all your lovelies, tutorials and heart…

  9. Happiness is a visit at Gina’s house! I haven’t seen that star in your kitchen…it ROCKS! I may steal it when I come to visit. You won’t notice, right? Love it all! It’s so GINA! Lisa~

  10. So much fun seeing all that gorgeousness in one place! Just lovely. Thanks for including me in this fun blog hop!

  11. Gina! Your home is amazing. I love every single thing. And I loved hearing about all of your projects. Such a labor of love!


  12. I love home tours! Thanks for such a fun series, Gina! Your home is simply darling. So many creative details and beautiful touches. (And I’m crushing on the vignette you have in your office with the lovely vintage wood chair and blue ottoman!)

  13. Wow, what a wonderful job you’ve done on your home!!

  14. LOVE your style, Gina! The farmhouse touches get me every time! Bold, beautiful, clean and striking. That wall in the laundry room?! Swoon…

  15. Gina, your home is delightful. All of your fabulous DIY, colors choices and combos are wonderful. Your Home Tour series is crazy good!
    Don’t you dare get ‘help’ for your DIY-ness, we’d all suffer if you did.:)

  16. Ms. Shabby Creek! Your home is so thoughtful, yet simple. I love it. Everything works and there is not one unnecessary thing. Can’t wait to see the rest of the renovation. Ann

  17. Your home is so cozy -you have great style!

  18. Such a pretty home!!

  19. Everything looks so inviting Gina! Thanks again for adding me to the tour!!

  20. Kudos, Gina, on pulling together all the blogging ladies for the Summer Parade of Homes. You’ve introduced me to some new favs and taken my by some women I regularly follow.

    I applaud your leadership! This has (almost without a doubt) been an enormous undertaking…and it’s so well organized with beautiful photos and descriptions from everyone involved.

    Thanks, Gina!

  21. Um, obsessed with your green striped curtains! And your handmade cabinets! And that chair in your study! And… and… and… can I move in??? Thanks again for asking us to be a part! ;} love love love!!! ;}

  22. That half bath, green striped curtains and kitchen are some of my many faves!! Kudos to you!

  23. I love your home! Thanks for the tour!

  24. It looks gorgeous Gina!!! I love it all!!

  25. I really like what you have done with your house. It is beautiful.

  26. Love it Gina!! Such a fabulous home tour and so full of character!! Amazing job:)

  27. Tour home is so charming! I love the half bathroom you created with “scraps” it is beautiful – kind of what I had in mind for my half bath!! Thanks so much for sharing all of your inspiring projects that makes your home so wonderful!

  28. I love that latter! Super pretty home 🙂

  29. Gina– Stunning and Cozy all under the same roof! LOVE it! I am moving in! 🙂

  30. Gina, I have seen some of your projects, but it was fun seeing them in their places within your home. You inspire me and you have a real knack for making a house a HOME!

  31. Your home is awesome. I love your star, barn door; it makes that space. Your work desk is very pretty.

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. I’m in house tour heaven over here. :)Your house is soo great! I am going to have so much fun looking through all the other tours too. And now I have to go clean so I can take pics of all the unphotographed rooms in my house and join your link party on Friday! 🙂

  34. You have done amazing beautiful things with your home, Gina! I love your creative cottage style. Thank you so much for organizing this awesome fun event and for inviting me to share too!

  35. Gina~Your home is beautiful but more importantly it is all YOU! I love that your hand was in every single part of each room. We learn about you by seeing your home. Thanks for showing us you. Great idea for the home tour. I’m having fun looking through all of them. Thanks again~ Linda

  36. Looks great – so nice to see it all at once, very welcoming! And look, I came out of hiding and commented!

  37. Gina your home is awesome..Pinned!!! May I ask how you got the awesome PIN IT BUTTON ? Christine from Little Brags

  38. Gina – thank you for the home tour. Your blog was the first decorating blog I ever visited (about 3 years ago). I found you through the BH&G site. You always amaze me with your creativity. Blessings to you and yours,

  39. Where did you get the signs for the doors? Private, restroom, office. I love them

  40. Loved peeking inside your home! You have a beautiful home and so many well thought out spaces. What I love the most is the light, bright welcoming feel of it. Always love a good parade of homes and this one is not disappointing. Thanks for organizing so many amazing blogger’s homes for our viewing pleasure! 🙂

  41. The laundry room: is the clothes hanging rack, actually a towel holder?
    I didn’t realize the “spool” ottoman–that the spools came in that small of a size. It looks great!

  42. I love your home and thanks for the tours. I love seeing how everyone lives 🙂

  43. Cannot believe what you’ve done, Gina!! But the farmhouse floors, that metal wall, and Bre’s half bath make my heart do an extra pitter pat. 🙂

  44. Your home is so welcoming and charming Gina, and your new half bath turned out SO ADORABLE too! Thanks for putting the tour together and including me!!!

  45. Ahh I love this summer home tour idea! Love your home Gina!!!

  46. Gina, your idea of having a summer home tour is genius! I think we’re all enjoying it.

    I love seeing all these pictures of your home together. It makes me proud as I look around your home–I’ve been cheering you on for a long time, and I’ll keep cheering you on! You are amazing and you inspire so many people. You go, girl!!

  47. Gina,
    You should smile every time you walk in your home. It is so cute and cozy and inviting. I loved the tour. I can’t wait to see more homes this week.

  48. I love all of your little touches that make it such a cheerful and lovely home Gina!

  49. I just realized I forgot to comment on your post! I know that you know that I love it, but still … Anyway, it’s all truly fabulous and even more amazing given the fact that every single thing was handmade by your or your husband! Great job lady!! Thanks so much for including me on this amazing tour!

  50. You have a beautiful home Gina. I adore the clipboard art idea! Thanks for the tour.

  51. Hi Gina! Oh, I’ve so enjoyed taking the tour of your home – it’s so charming and inspiring to know you’ve redone so much of it yourself!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  52. Thank you so much for this tour! The homes are wonderful expressions of their creator’s vision and taste. Stunning. I just wanted you to know that I have tried a few different links to makelyhome and cannot bring up the web site. Could be a problem with my browser, IE10 or it could be problem with her site. Thought you might like to know. Again, thanks for doing this.

  53. The table in your home office is incredible! LOVE.’
    Thanks for opening your home…
    Stacy from

  54. Makes me want to clean up my house!! Gorgeous Gina – love your style!

    And you’re on for that Wii off – although I usually conk out after about 3 minutes!

  55. My first post on your blog and really it is just to say thanks for your Nice Post And Shairing
    You always pick such interesting i visit your blog regularly for updates!
    Loved your description of it.
    Thank you for picking this one.

  56. Gina – we are curious about your kitchen counters. They are really pretty. Are they glass? It is hard to tell from the picture. Your house is beautiful. You are very talented! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Michelle,
      They’re actually made from plywood – we just painted the best cabinet grade we could buy, then sealed it with 4 coats of marine grade polyurethane to protect them. 5 years later they still look great!

      Thanks for stopping by the home tour!

  57. Such a great space you have! Love me a little bit of Shabby goodness. So glad I found your blog, now following 🙂

  58. I love what you have done with your home. I especially love the quick change clipboard artwork idea. Well done!

  59. Thanks you so much for putting this show of homes together – it was so much for looking at all of them each day! I will miss it!

    Have a great weekend.


  60. Your house is so sweet with its blend of colors – so cheery! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  61. Love your creativity! It’s something I miss a little bit. In our first home we did everything ourselves because were were young and so broke and it was such a blessing to us in more ways than one! Thanks for sharing your home and organizing all of the home tours.

  62. Absolutely gorgeous! So much talent and imagination. You and your hubby should be very proud of all you’ve accomplished! Thanks for the tour.

  63. Gina, I soooo enjoyed seeing your home. It was also fun to see where you’d used things that you got from my shop……..the old office chair, the box on top of your fridge, and of course, the old cabinet that you used for a tv stand. LOVE IT ALL. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  64. I Freaking LOVE the floors !!!! I am almost Giddy, now I just need to convince my hubby , whom LOVES to do woodwork that we need to do this on our floors. One concern, we have BIG dogs and 3 boys, do you think the floors would hold up well ??

  65. Adrienne Breed says:

    In the laundry room how did you finish the corners with the metal sheets?


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