tales of a girl’s best friend

Cats are quirky creatures, which is probably why they’re my favorite kind of pet. Relatively quiet and pretty self-sufficient, it’s the low maintenance kinda pet. Our cat is no different. I’ve had every sort of pet you can imagine from horses to guinea pigs, turtles, birds and of course dogs, but cats are the one thing that remains a constant in my life.


Our cat, Buddy, is no exception. He’s more than just a mere pet to us, he’s part of the family. Quiet and lazy, he’s a little shy yet friendly once he knows you. He’s a lot like the rest of our family. It amazes me just how well he fits into our own personality traits.

Most days, it’s just me and him. I talk, he broods, then whines to get in or out of the house (he’s a half in, half out kinda guy.) His needs are minimal: food, water, to go outside. Yet you never know where you’ll find him napping or soaking up the sun.  He’s lazy like that. And I love him for it.

Our conversations (ummm… if you can call a person talking and a cat listening) revolve around silly things that no one else would understand. It’s all good. I’m pretty sure he’ll never tell my deep, dark secrets to anyone else.

So it’s kinda understandable that since he’s the one I spend the most time with, he’s more than just a pet to us. He’s family. He gets gifts and treats (but no clothes, please.)  Just like I’m choosy about what I feed my kids, feeding our Buddy the best is important to me.

When the makers of SHEBA® reached out to me to share about our cat, I was really thrilled. He means so much to us, and that’s important to them, too. The high quality foods they offer just can’t be beat. Their foods are made with the highest quality ingredients, so I know that Buddy is getting the nutrition he deserves. SHEBA® Entrées for Cats are held to a high standard ensuring a premium meal with an irresistible taste. Your cat is guaranteed to love it, or you’ll get your money back.

Because he’s as picky as any toddler you’ve ever encountered, I knew that it had to be great food. All SHEBA® Patés are made with meat first recipes – using real beef, poultry, or seafood as the first ingredient. Every SHEBA® GRAVY DESIRES™ entrée is made with delicate broth as the first ingredient and meat as the second ingredient.

If he’s happy, I’m happy. It’s as simple as that.

What keeps your cat happy?

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Gina Luker is a writer, photographer and lover of all things quirky. She's usually found with a drill in one hand and a cocktail in the other while blogging along the way. She's addicted to coffee, polka dots, rock stars, Instagram, and everything aqua.


  1. We’re pretty happy with plenty of kitty food, cooking with Mommy (especially when she is making chicken) and the absence of puppies.

  2. My cat is happy when my girls play with her. My girls enjoy creating cat toys from stuff around the house and make a maze for the cat to go into. Our cat Nanny waits for my girls to get off the bus at the door in her mini cat tower. My girls got my husband to make it for her so she can lay there looking out the window. You can tell when the bus gets close and she sees them. She starts to meow and scratch at the window. Then once the girls are in the house Nanny follows them around.

  3. Awww, hey Buddy!! I m the same way – we have always had at least one cat over the years. Our current furry feline is almost 11 and she is spoiled rotten, but we love her. I will have to check out Sheba too. She’s getting older and a little more spoiling can’t hurt. :)

  4. Our one cat is kept happy with his toy mice, the other with her mom snuggle time each day. She DEMANDs it :)

  5. our cats are easy, they just like having a full food dish

  6. Buddy sounds like mine with the one foot in, one foot out. I swear they need two bodies tow go with the nine lives 😉 He is a handsome boy!

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