This year I will….

 Move more, even if it’s just dancing. {‘Cause I’m a dancing machine!}

Pamper myself: manis, pedis, bubble baths.
Relax more, taking time to just breathe.
What I won’t do this year…..
Worry over every little thing. 
Beat myself up over imperfections.
Say “I’ll start tomorrow.” Today is the day.
What are you aiming for this year?

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About Gina Luker

Gina Luker is a writer, photographer and lover of all things quirky. She's usually found with a drill in one hand and a cocktail in the other while blogging along the way. She's addicted to coffee, polka dots, rock stars, Instagram, and everything aqua.


  1. Love your resolutions- especially that you are going to be nice to yourself in so many ways- It’s hard to be good to others if you don’t take care of yourself. I will have a hard time giving up the worries but that’s one I really want to work on!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Good resolutions, especially the dancing one! Happy New Year.

  3. Make more time for myself and exercise even if it’s just taking a walk or a bike ride at least 5 times a week starting today 🙂 . Get more organized with my business.

  4. It is so easy to be nice to others and harder to be nice to ME. Great ideas! xo Diana

  5. Hi Gina….I’ve been stalking you for a while now! I love your blog…mainly the fact that you live in a mobile home…like me! I love all the remodels you share and you have such a great decorating style! I have been blogging as a teacher for a while now, but finally just started my home blog. I would love for you to drop by for a visit! We have recently begun remodeling and redoing our home and will be featuring it from time to time! Thanks for all you share and have a fabulous New Year’s Day!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  6. I don’t make many New Year resolutions- but yours sound reasonable enough!!!
    Don’t want to set myself up for failure!!!
    Happy New Year!

  7. Love your blog! Great ideas to care for yourself! We all need to do that more. Instead of “resolutions” I’m planning on creating my Dream Life. It’s a lot more fun than making resolutions. 🙂 Join me in a FREE online workshop to “Live Your Dream Life NOW”! Though it appears you might already be living YOURS! 🙂 Happy New Year!

  8. Love it Gina! Looking forward to dancing like a fool with you at SNAP!

  9. More of last year, more of whatever comes new into my life. I refuse to make resolutions and just want to continue to work on the things I began last year.

  10. Love it! I have some goals this year as well. More blog followers, spend less save more & read more!


  11. Great! Happy 2013 🙂
    The first word you chose “move” is my word of the year! This year, I will move more, I will move to another place and move forward with my business. I have the feeling I can accomplish all that! I like the idea of choosing a word of the year (I found this idea on another blog) because I don’t work well with resolutions…


  12. Great goals!
    Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true…

  13. Lol! I love your first goal; I have Just Dance 2 buried in the playroom somewhere and you just inspired me to pull it back out! As for me, my main goals are to SLOW DOWN and simplify, and to be more creative (which includes going easy on myself when I flub projects, ’cause I’m not all that creative lol!) Thanks for the fun post 🙂

  14. I love the dancing goal! I haven’t really made any resolutions, more like goals. To spend more time building my blog and to start my own business. I’ve already started with the blog part, the business starts on Monday. Small steps…
    Debbie 🙂

  15. I won’t worry. After fighting cancer in 2012, I’ve finally come to terms that I have no control over almost anything. Most of the things I worry about never happen and the stuff I didn’t worry about – cancer- did happen so the pie was in my face 🙂 No worries, no worries.

  16. oooh, I am a dancing machine too and I jump up and dance to every song I love as my exercise. So far it has been really great and a body in motion helps alot of ailments!

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