Top 10 Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

Looking for a little help for Easter? Today I’m sharing my top 10 Easter Basket ideas for little girls. From frilly to fun, there’s a lot in store (including some great learning tools!)

Let’s start with the little ones. I’m a huge fan of traditional, classic toys, rattles & teethers are always a winner – but eco-friendly options always make mama a little happier, too. This beautiful bird toy is made from beechwood and sealed with beeswax, so it’s safe for little ones. It’s a little more modern than the classic style, but the wood makes it timeless and perfect for either a girl or a boy (or someone who’s expecting!)

Even though Ernie really loves rubber duckies, I think any little girl would much prefer this cute butterfly catcher bath toy instead. Secretly, I wish I had a little girl all over again, just so I could play with it, too 🙂 Can’t you just see her scooping up the butterfly floating in her bubble bath? I’m sure this one will make bath time pass by quickly (or even extended it a little) with all that fun. Just too cute! And bonus – it will even help with eye-hand coordination.

Looking for a unique hair bow? These hair bows, all made of ribbon are so unique! Aren’t they sweet? Cupcakes, flowers, ballet shoes, butterflies, ice cream cones & even guitars – all made from grosgrain. Not your ordinary basic bow, these might actually make those little girls just a tad bit cuter (as if that’s even possible!) I’m totally crushing on that ice cream cone…

Let her imagination run wild while getting crafty at the same time with giraffe safety scissors! The fun shape of them will make her want to create & craft right alongside you, while the blunt tips make them perfect for little ones to nurture their inner Picasso. With a 10 year warranty, they’re even perfect for hand me downs, since either a girl or a boy would love to use them.

Did you know that the first paper doll was printed in 1810? No wonder the toy has survived the test of time – little girls still love them. Of course, they’ve changed quite a bit over the years, but they are a classic toy that nearly every little girl still gets excited over. This Paper Doll Game is a fun spin on the classic toy that’s sure to entertain her for hours and hours, and maybe even bring back a few sweet memories for mom, too!

Whooooo loves cute hats? Little girls, do! An adorable spin on the same old gift you give every year, this sweet, sleepy owl set is so much more fun than plain, ordinary hats and mittens. She’ll gladly gear up to face the chilly weather!

Toy food has come a long way since I was a little girl. Now companies like Melissa & Doug make cute (and somewhat realistic) felt food versions that are adorable! No more hard plastic things that slide when put together, these layer up nicely, just like real food.

Before they become smitten with diamonds, lip gloss is a little girl’s best friend. But, it is Christmas after all, and of course you want something a little cuter than the average chap stick. All little girls seem to love cupcakes, so I’m betting that they’ll love licking their lips with some cupcake lip gloss. (Since it’s an assortment pack, it’s also a great gift for friends!)

Ya know how sometimes in life you don’t know you need or want something until someone thoughtful gives it to you? Doll clothes hangers are a perfect example. Most little girls would never in a million years think to ask for them, but any doll lovin’ girl will use them over and over again. Some dolls have wardrobes that rival that of some kids, so any girl with a full doll wardrobe will certainly love them (although they may need more than one set of 4.)

Most kids love being in front of the camera – but what about behind it? Fisher-Price’s Kid Tough Camera is built to withstand little ones from 18 months to 8 years old (some of the roughest toy years.) With a built in memory that will hold 1,000 photos, you can be sure that you’ll have lots of photos from this Christmas if Santa adds one of these to the stocking. And it’s PINK… need I say more?

Looking for ideas for little boys?  I’ve also shared my Top 10 Easter Basket Ideas for Little Boys.

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