tricks for hanging difficult plates

 Yesterday, I shared how to make mercury glass plates – and while they’re beautiful, they were a booger to hang! So, I wanted to share how I actually got them up on the wall. With a couple of tricks, it was easy, and they’re safe and secure.

Originally, I wanted to use those glue on disc hangers, but…… ummmm…. they just pulled the paint off. I might have cried a little (or a lot) over ruining a just finished project. So, I painted it again and had to reroute my thinking so I could get them up on the wall.

I finally broke down and got the metal wire plate hangers – but I didn’t want them to scratch my pretty plates, so I cut a piece of felt to protect the plate from the wire hanger. Easy enough – just install the hanger over the felt pad and now I could get it up. Well almost.

When I went to put it on the nail, the lip of the plate wouldn’t fit onto the nail. See, I told you it wasn’t easy stuff. Good thing I’m persistent, huh?

 I took simple metal ornament hangers and bent one around the lip where the nail is supposed to go, making a hoop to hang on the nail. And it worked!

I used a nail with a head, just to give it a little more insurance to not come crashing down. After nearly a month of door slamming, foot stomping teenagers, I can happily report that not a single dish has fallen.

Sometimes you just have to keep re-routing those ideas until you get where you need to go – that was definitely one of the tricks to getting these beauties up on the wall.

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  1. That is great thinking!!!

  2. Good for you Gina..And such a simple fix!!

  3. I love the way you always solve the problem so easily. I, instead, ordered those big yellow stick on backs at $4 each plus shipping and would you believe that they wouldn’t stick. You are such a genius.

  4. Cynthia Stewart says:

    I use those hangers all the time but rarely just trust a nail. I like to use the picture hooks to capture that wire…and if the wire doesn’t protrude enough for that you can usually bend it. I love that you added the felt to protect the plates. I will definitely be doing that from now on as well.

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