Weekend whirlwind

large scrabble tile letters What a weekend! Friday night was Lala’s graduation… somebody shoulda warned me that I’d need tissues. We all survived it, and now it’s life back to {somewhat} normal. Ahhhh…. I like boredom :) My bestie Polly came down to stay the night to hang out, so early Saturday morning we got up to hit a few thrift stores and generally just goof off.

vintage bird cage After a few small spurts of successful shopping, we hit the motherlode – which is kinda appropriate since my mom was the one that told me about it. I’ve never seen a place packed with such amazing treasures – and amazing prices! I walked away with a HUGE haul including this bird cage that I almost broke my neck to get to.

vintage bird cage details I saw it from another aisle, tucked behind some things on a top shelf. I literally gasped. I shimmied out of my little whole that I’d dug myself into and climbed over a lawn mower to get to this gorgeous, rusted beauty.

vintage bird cage door I was prepared to pay an arm and a leg, because I was in love. Imagine my shock when the guy said…. “Five bucks?” SOLD!!!

photo (3) There was so much stuff in this place that I could spend days carefully digging through it… and believe you me, I will! In the mean time, I’m working on new stuff for Peacock Lane and to fill my Etsy Shop – like those Large Scrabble Tiles above. And on that note…. I guess I gotta get back to work :)
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  1. I love rooms that look like the last picture. You know there is a treasure just waiting to be found. The problem is that if I find too many of those rooms, I end up with a room at home that looks the same!

  2. Wow, what an amazing find! I love it.

  3. Great find, Gina!! Okay, sister, spill. Where is this place? We need to take a field trip! :)

  4. Boy, it must have been the weekend for $5 treasures- a friend on another blog scored an awesome trunk- big one, too- for $5 at a yard sale. Maybe I should have been out shopping this weekend… 😉

  5. Looks like a fun place to dig around in!!!

  6. You did hit the motherlode!

  7. Congratulations on the grad of your daughter. Will you tell the name and location of this place? I’m pretty local. Thanks!

  8. Gina, you are not going to believe this!!! I have that very same birdcage… seriously! I am looking at it sitting on top of the bookcase wall as I type. okay there is a small difference… ours has its original cream/white paint and the bottom tray is missing. You got a great score!!

    Congratulations on Lala’s graduation! And thank you for the reminder…. I will definitely bring plenty of tissues. Ian our eldest graduates this Saturday… and then leaves for Marine Corps bootcamp a short while afterwards.

    Have a great week!

  9. now, that’s a thrifty find!!! Glad you came out of that place alive and in 1 piece :)

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  11. Great score, girl. Those things usually sell HIGH. Looks like a fun place. 😎

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