Where to buy burlap

Ya’ll knew that, right? My shop is full of the rustically beautiful fabric. From table runners to pillow covers to buntings – if I can put it on something, then there’s a safe bet that I’ll try it. There’s just something that touches my farmhouse house lovin’ soul.

life is better at the lake pillow  1 But even though I have a deep, unabiding love affair with it – not all burlap is created equal. Whaaaattt??? You didn’t know that? Yeah… each vendor has a little different shade, a different texture, and even some of them have a distinct smell.

IMG_1268 I get quite a few questions about where to buy the best burlap – and so I’m finally going to reveal my source: BurlapFabric.com. There’s tons of places to buy burlap, so I’m going to break down why I love this particular source.

The length: I order 60 inch rolls, much longer than most places stock.
The quality: It’s a smooth, even grain (well, relatively speaking – it is burlap!) The fibers are not wonky and pulled like often found.
The color: Burlap can range from a dark cocoa powder toned color to an orangey shade – and that’s just in natural burlap. Personally, I like the caramel toned best, and that’s exactly the color I get from BurlapFabric.com
The price: They have some of the absolute lowest prices I’ve ever found on burlap. You can order a 50 yard roll of 60 inch wide burlap for $99.95. Ummm… yes, please!!! That’s $2 a yard – cheaper than fabric stores even with a coupon!
The customer service: Great service, fast shipping – need I say more?

I love them so much, in fact, they BurlapFabric.com is now a sponsor of The Shabby Creek Cottage – now that’s a match made in heaven 🙂

IMG_7263 And speaking of burlap…. I’m sharing a new project over at Graphics Fairy DIY today showing another cute idea to make a bunting… join me over there?

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  1. Will you be adding another life is better at the lake pillow to your shop? I’d like one!

  2. Hey Tracy,
    Sure – you can find one here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/95479273/life-is-better-at-the-lake-pillow-cover

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Wow I wish I lived in the States! In the UK I have tried every single burlap supplier and the best quality I can get is over £6 a metre – that’s around $9-10! I get a bit of discount as I buy so much but $2 a yard – fantastic!!

  4. Thanks for the source! I remember when burlap was a 1.27 a yard at Walmart, and it wasn’t that long ago! Popularity drove the prices up I guess!

  5. I know, right? I think it’s almost $3 a yard there now… supply & demand at it’s finest 🙂

  6. Hello..coming by to visit your blog.. very nice!

  7. I love burlap too. Have used burlap tablecloths for years. BUT, it has become so popular, some of the shops stay sold out. I was recently able to get a roll at Hobby Lobby for around $4 yard. Thanks for this source, Gina.

  8. Thanks for the information ! I am in the process of adding burlap to the top of my drapery design in
    the living room- gonna be wonderful!
    We will see how they turn out… have an incredibly wonderful seamstress, so they will be exactly
    how I design them. Thanks again-


  9. Well I just have to pin this little burlap buying tip to remind me.


  10. Good to know! Found you on Pinterest so I’m cruising through your site and I’m lovin’ it 🙂 Thanks for all the genius ideas.


  11. Do you have any trouble with odor in the burlap from burlapfabric.com or do I need to order sanitized burlap? I am using it for my daughters wedding.
    Thanks Katie

    • It has a slight “burlap” smell, but if you air it out for a couple of days it all goes away.

    • Do you have any trouble with odor in the burlap from burlapfabric.com or do I need to order sanitized burlap? I am using it for my daughters wedding.
      Thanks Katie

      Thanks for the info……Katie

  12. Bethany Warren says:

    I went to order some burlap from their site but the shipping was the same price as my total! Any way around that?

  13. I’ve been looking at burlapfabric.com for wedding burlap and like what I see, but their shipping charges seem high. Just wish they’d offer free shipping like so many internet sites do now.

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