Interior Designed: Black and White Spaces

I am currently obsessed with interior designed black and white spaces. There’s something about the stark contrast, paired with the fact that most of them are minimally done that makes my heart go pitter patter. I don’t know where or why it all started, but I slowly saw them creeping into my pin boards and then bam! They’re pretty much a love or hate thing, but even if you think you can’t live with white walls, you have to admit that they’re beautiful too look at.

This office space by Stylizimo is very stark, but I love that there’s a ton of organizing space. You can tell that this area is used, loved, and perfect for her needs.

Johanna Gashi is a stylist, and it definitely shows in her home. I would be in heaven here. Sigh. From the painted floors to that gorgeous black wall, I am smitten with this space.

Last year when I painted my laundry room door black, I was shocked at how I loved it more and more each day. I wasn’t surprised in the least when this home from Sweden took my breath away. The contrast… I’m telling you, there’s something there!

The door doesn’t have to be solid to have the same impact, though. Look at this wall of glass paned doors…. sooooo chic.

Don’t think you can go all out with black, but still want the style factor? How about only half the wall! This modern nursery is oozing with coolness!

If you’re too scared to try it on the walls, you could always paint a large piece of furniture black – like this home from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle. Look at all that vintage yumminess, then it’s encircled with crisp white and the warmth of the black island. I die.

Don’t want to paint at all? Great black and white artwork plus a gorgeous dark sofa equals a posh interior, don’t ya think…

I’m thinking that one room, somewhere, in my house will be getting a black wall. Maybe not now, but soonish, since I’m so tired of major construction and big makeover jobs. Our bathroom has pushed me to my limits, but you know I’m already dreaming of other rooms to freshen up ūüôā

So how do you feel about black and white rooms? Love ’em or hate ’em or somewhere in between?
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  1. Love these spaces! Did you see the spaces Karianne just posted at Thistlewood Farm? Love it!

  2. I just love black and white ( and some grey )
    Gorgeous spaces – so CLEAN looking, right?

  3. I love them! I just painted my doors in my bedroom black too and really like it. This round-up is just beautiful. Sharon

  4. These are beautiful rooms. I like the contrast of black and white, especially if there’s a little pop of color somewhere (like hot pink!).

  5. Altho I’m definitely a color person I do like the look of freshness and looking clean. I’d be up for painting a piece of furniture black to see how I felt first, then let it grow on me. Love how all those rooms looked.

  6. Love!!

  7. I am not a person of color. I really like all of these pictures. Our house has a lot of white, beige, and brown.

  8. I love the look of black and white, but have found I can’t live with it myself. I need to have color on the walls, even if it’s a neutral color with colorful artwork.

  9. It seems to me that a lot of bloggers are into “black&white” at the moment! I do LOVE all of your pics! There will be more of this theme on my blog too!

  10. Great inspiration pics!!!
    xo, Shannon

  11. I am always torn between black and white, because I love them both. Although, white just doesn’t work in my house as far as decor goes. Well, it is on all of my walls.

  12. Anna Crowe says:

    Loving the black and white approach! Very chic!


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