20 sewing projects for all around the house

There’s something about a fresh cut of fabric that makes me way happier than flowers ever could. Maybe it’s the possibilities of what it could become, or the pretty color, or a fabulous pattern… I don’t know, but I do know that I love a good sewing project. I’ve shared quite a few of them over the years here, so today we’re taking a look back at 20 sewing projects for all around the house.

Anytime I need to add a little something new to any of my spaces, I make a new pillow cover. It’s like the equivalent of buying new shoes, but cheaper! If you know how to install a zipper, you can make a new pillow cover in less than 15 minutes.

Want to up the fun factor? A bunting pillow cover will definitely do the trick. It’s a little more time intensive, but you can customize it with any colors and patterns to fit your room. Perfect for a kid’s room!

I sold about a bajillion of these pillows on Etsy – the dahlia pillow. They’re so pretty – and super simple to make with a handy dandy glue gun!

If you want to up the cute factor, adding pom pom fringe is the way to go. It’s super easy with my step-by-step tutorial.

Want to customize your fabric? Well you can do that, too – with a stamped pillow cover tutorial. 

If you want even more control, make your own wood block stamp to make fabric exactly what you want.

Let’s move from pillow covers to my 2nd favorite handmade home decor – table runners! Get ready for cookouts and summer entertaining with a 4th of July Table Runner.
Looking for something not so rustic? Try a French Inspired Ruffled Runner (with a cool transfer technique!)
Sewing’s not just for fabric – I’ve also used book pages like in this pretty ruffled book page garland. It’s perfect for filling and fluffing mantles and displays.
Make something for the playroom that will have little boys playing for hours… a roll up race track!
Need more storage containers? You can make your own cloth baskets (easy to make in any size!)
Or maybe you need a bedskirt… and you can make your own ruffled bed skirt with flat sheets!
If you love ruffles, you can also use them to put skirts on a slipcover, like I did on my ottoman slipcover tutorial.
Speaking of ottomans, I’ve made quite a few of them over the years, including the footstool from a cable spool.
I’m always turning one thing into another, like the coffee table turned ottoman (a DIY on the cheap.)
Want to use up leftover blankets and pillows? You can turn them into a West Elm Inspired Floor Pouf. 
Now let’s look at curtains. Can you believe that I have only have one set pre-made curtains in my whole house? That’s because I can’t seem to stop making them! Even when I do buy them, I fit them to my space by perfectly hemming curtains.
Another big seller in my Etsy days was the French Script Curtain. Oh, how many of those I made! You can make your own, too with my French Script Curtain Tutorial.
I’ve also made a few ruffled curtains in my day – and they’re always a great sewing project. Learn to make your own with my ruffled curtain tutorial.

I’ll turn anything fabric into curtains if given the chance, like coffee sacks. A stack of them and an afternoon, and I turned some into coffee sack curtains.
Just shows, there’s something for every room when it comes to sewing projects!
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  1. Oh I love them all at the moment I am minus a sewing machine 🙁 as soon as I get a new one I will be making all kinds!

  2. Love it all! My sewing machine has been in the closet since December! We are moving in a few weeks, and I get to have my craft room…yay! So, pinning this for later!
    Thank you as always for an awesome blog post.


  3. Gina, I absolutely love your dahlia pillow – it is gorgeous! I wish that I had paid more attention to my mother when she was sewing all the time, but I wasn’t interested in sewing when I was younger. Now I am interested and my mother is now stuck with “teaching an old dog a new trick” 🙂 I’m learning – slowly, but learning 🙂
    Can I ask you what make and model of sewing machine you own/use? Also, did the ruffler come with the sewing machine or it is a separate attachment that you had to purchase? I need to purchase a sewing machine and didn’t really know what to get. Thanks!

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