Turn a Lamp into a Side Table

*Thanks to Liquid Nails for partnering with me on this project.* Need a side table ? Buy a lamp. No, seriously! Head to your local thrift store or stop by a yard sale and buy a lamp and a glass platter. Because this project is so simple you'll never look at lamps the same way again. This project is super simple, it only took about 30 minutes of … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Raisin Arborio Rice Pudding

Hi there Shabby Creek Cottage readers! It's Laura from Inspiration for Moms and today I'm sharing my favorite go-to dessert with you. When the hubby wants something sweet after dinner and I have nothing prepared this is my save-the-day recipe. My Cinnamon Raisin Arborio Rice Pudding is a wonderful treat that keeps everyone in our family happy and … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Burlap Frame

Love the look of the cute burlap frame art seen at home decor stores? Janine from Happy Happy Nester is going to show you how to make them. It's the perfect craft project for spring! Spring is poking around the corner, and so I felt encouraged to design a craft that celebrates this happy season. I love that the birds are returning to our yards … [Read more...]

Yankee Candle + Margaritaville® Giveaway

*This post is sponsored by Yankee Candle* There's this little place I love, Pensacola Beach, FL. In that place, there's a hotel I love called Margaritaville®. When you take my "happy place" and mix it with my love of Yankee Candle, that's a whole lot of love. Being a Yankee Candle blogger, I have the lucky job of getting to preview all of their … [Read more...]

Kitchen decorating ideas (for every kind of style)

Love kitchen decorating ideas? Then I've got you covered. These pretty ideas are inspiring no matter if you have a huge space to cook in, or a tiny apartment - every one of these beautiful spaces has big style, something you can take away and use in your own space. While some of the kitchen ideas below are from high end houses, others are from … [Read more...]

DIY Pallet Garage Organizer

After ten years of waiting, planning, dreaming and saving, we finally built a garage. So for the first time ever, we have a real garage to organize. It's kind of fun (although I'm not an all out organizing kinda girl.) And what do we have the most of to organize in the garage? Tools. Drills, saws, clamps, you know... building tools. So we found a … [Read more...]

When Light Bulbs Can Improve Your Sleep and Wellness

Living in the age of smart phones can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing. Of course we all love the convenience of having the whole world in our hands. However studies show that overexposure to melatonin suppressive lights (found in computers, mobile phones, etc.) affects the circadian rhythms. See, good and bad. That's exactly … [Read more...]

8 Inspiring Furniture Flips

Furniture flips always boggle my mind. How someone can find one piece of furniture and turn it into a completely different idea is beyond how my mind works - but I really do appreciate the inspiration it brings! This collection of eight inspiring furniture upcycles is the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing. Oh - and they're as easy on … [Read more...]

Building an outdoor bench

Building an outdoor bench is one of the easiest furniture pieces you can make. It's pretty straight forward with clean lines and can hold up to years of wear and tear (this one is 7 years strong and still with us!) Although we repurposed spindles to make ours, you could easily use some from the hardware store and paint them. This build takes about … [Read more...]

How to make money blogging

I've been a blogger for nearly a decade - and the most frequently asked question I receive is how to make money blogging. First, I want to dispel the myth that it's quick and easy money. Not even close. I had to work for nearly 5 years before I made more than $1000 per month. And a lot of that was eaten up by expenses. But now, all these years … [Read more...]